Lawson State Facts



Fall 2016                                                                        
Fall 2015             Spring 2016             Summer 2016
Fall 2014             Spring 2015             Summer 2015
Fall 2013             Spring 2014             Summer 2014
Fall 2012             Spring 2013             Summer 2013
Fall 2011             Spring 2012             Summer 2012

Enrollment Trends

Enrollment by Gender ...

                         Fall             Spring                Summer               Annual

    Enrollment by Age ...

                              Fall             Spring                Summer               Annual

      Enrollment by Program ...

                                Fall              Spring                Summer

      Enrollment by Full-time/Part-time Status ...

                                Fall             Spring                 Summer

      Race/Ethnicity Information ...

                              Fall                Spring                Summer              Annual

      Financial Aid Information ...

                              Fall                 Spring               Summer              Annual

      Enrollment by Course Delivery Method ...

                              Fall                Spring                 Summer

      Other Information

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